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Outsource your IT Support

Outsource IT

Make your technology work for your business.

With InfraMatix Inc , you can stop worrying about IT issues so you can focus on moving your business forward. Our experienced staff monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure 24x7 to keep your business running.

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Do you have problems with unauthorized access?

Our comprehensive Identity Management solutions not only enhance your IT security, they boost efficiency. The security of your company's IT has never been more important. At Inframatix, we offer affordable Identity Management solutions that provide the end-users on your network the correct permissions to access important company information.

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24/7 IT Support - American Help Desk and Tech Support

Get all-you-can-eat Help Desk and Remote Support for your entire staff.

Don't let your employees just cope with workstation issues; with InfraMatix Inc they can quickly get a ticket in to tech support without costing your business a dime.

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Eliminate costly downtime
by detecting and resolving IT issues before they bring down your systems.

With 24x7 monitoring and maintenance, most typical workstation issues can be prevented.  Focus on your business, not your IT.

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Computer Repair, IT and Network Support

Let InfraMatix Inc monitor your network to prevent and repair common issues, and apply updates.

We monitor everything from anti-virus, to event logs, to patch and security update availability. We even test and whitelist updates before applying them to your systems.

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InfraMatix Inc makes it easy to get technical support.
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IT Headaches?

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Complete Identity Management (IdM) Solutions & Support for Businesses

Inframatix identity management

The modern enterprise operates a vast array of IT infrastructure components – such as NOS, MAS, CRM, ECA, and ERPs – which will run on multiple servers using multiple operating systems, user directories, and contract management systems. Not to mention the sheer variety of HR, payroll, and other LOB (Line of Business) applications as well.

All of these systems must track valid users and control permissions, and each system will use its own administration and management process. Yet people still expect to be connected to all these diverse systems all the time, and especially when using their mobile devices on the road.

What we do simply is help ease the financial, technical, and operational burden of managing in-house IdM systems, by providing expert support and assistance for all IdM activities.

We are information security specialists in:

  •   Identity Management (IdM) Services
  •   The Latest IdM Technologies
  •   User Management & Access Control
  •   Single-Sign-On & Strong Authentication
  •   User Provisioning & Privilege Modeling
  •   Role Management & Identity Federation
  •   Password & Account Management
  •   Directory Services 
  •   Remote Support & Delivery
  •   IdM Training & Consulting

InfraMatix offers a full range of services at many levels of engagement.




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