It is no secret that increasing access by more people to more applications creates a virtually unsustainable burden that IT must bear. The number of user accounts and levels of authorization create a mountain of low-value administrative work — work that carries a significant security risk  if  ignored or performed improperly.

Consider a company with 10,000 employees. The company also has partners and vendors who have varying levels of access to certain applications. A typical employee-user might have access to a half-dozen applications, such as network services, e-mail, HR benefits, and three enterprise applications. That holds true for new employees as well as those promoted or transferred to new responsibilities. External partners are likely to be limited to one or two applications. Even if it only takes five minutes to create a user account for each application, it quickly becomes apparent that the IT administrator in a company with a few thousand employees can spend dozens of hours every week simply creating or modifying access privileges. Password resets — the number-one source of help desk calls — can similarly occupy IT for many man-hours each week. Just as important is the lost productivity of the users themselves. High-cost employees who are idle while awaiting access to new systems or awaiting a password reset present a largely hidden but significant expense as well.

With InfraMatix  identity management solution,  IT administrators can automate these manual, administrative processes for faster provisioning, provide superior customer service, achieve collaborative efficiency, and increase revenues.



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