Quality of ServiceWinning new customers and keeping existing ones presents a tough set of challenges for the organizations that seek to achieve new levels of growth and revenue. These companies must find ways to cost-effectively provide the increasingly high levels of service that are required to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty. One way to significantly improve the QoS is to go beyond the organization’s own capabilities to collaborate with other companies, both within and outside their arena — such as health care providers, travel services, and entertainment companies. This can make it possible to offer more and better services than ever, to more customers than ever. Identity management that combines high levels of automation with new capabilities for federation can help raise QoS and pave the way for new growth at a reasonable cost, and without making undue demands on organizational resources. InfraMatix identity management solutions can help organizations winning new customers and engender loyalty in existing ones by enabling higher QoS. After implementing this solution your company will have capabilities such as:

  • Self-service password management and other everyday tasks to improve the user experience when customers access their accounts and records.
  • Reduced costs for higher QoS through automation of previously manual tasks — such as help desk, claim processing, and credit card clearing — where secure personal information is maintained.
  • Ability to leverage existing authentication, authorization and security policies with partners when creating online markets, exchanges, or contract services.
  • Support for major federation protocols so financial partners can collaborate across their business domains for increased economies.
  • Repeatable integration for low-cost, rapid roll out of services across multipleservice partners, branches, or markets.



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