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Identity theft and fraud continue to dominate headlines worldwide. Public scrutiny of companies policies and experiences with protecting customers and their sensitive information has known no limits. People are at great risk for seeing sensitive data compromised. Consumers live in constant fear about unauthorized persons gaining access to their bank account data, credit card numbers, and other personal information.Companies that can demonstrate their ability to guard against breaches will reap the benefits of engendering customer goodwill and loyalty and avoiding negative press.

InfraMatix offers a solution that feature controls such as centralized management and visibility, rule- and role-based access, and strong authentication that will allow companies have appropriate exchanges of data and transactions while still protecting the privacy and security of sensitive information. InfraMatix helps you in developing an effective approach to identity management which will help you in demonstrable premium on guarding critical information by:

Providing a single point of control for managing identities
A single point of control lowers the risk of a security breach by making it easier to support security policy across the organization’s divisions or departments. This becomes increasingly critical as more users from more points outside traditional organizational boundaries, such as contracted external insurance adjusters or auditors, have access to sensitive information and resources. There will be one authoritative point of control for managing all these users.
Enabling complete visibility into access and events
When administrators can instantly see who has access to what information at any time, they can respond immediately to any violations or other issues that may arise. A complete identity management system for a financial services environment can not only able to show administrators who has access, it should also alert them to policy violations and automatically initiate remedial actions to limit potential damage. It also provides Centralized administration capability as an added benefit and reducing the costs of overseeing multiple systems.
Implementing rule- and role-based access control policies
Among organizations and their partners, access depends on a wide variety of factors — such as a user’s role within an organization or an external party’s relationship to it. Not only that, the status of these factors is subject to change. A mid-level manager may be promoted to a higher position, for example, necessitating a change in access privileges. This solution offer the flexibility for the organizations to set rules for access control based on a variety of criteria, including users, organizations, resources, roles, or groups, and to instantly and easily change access privileges when a user’s roles or relationships change.

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