InfraMatix offers a five-step program that consists of the following:

  • Assessment - Before supporting your business, we will assess your Identity Management Infrastructure. Assessments generally include meeting with you and your IT and business staff to discuss areas of concern before examining your Identity Management Infrastructure and making recommendations for improvement.
  • Stabilization -InfraMatix will take the report generated during the assessment and make efforts to fix problem areas so that your systems are stable and problem free. After your Identity Management environment has been assessed and stabilized, we will create documentation that itemizes the assessment and stabilization steps.
  • Standard support - Standard support involves keeping your Identity Management environment updated and patched. We provide standard support as an onsite or remote access service, or a combination of both to fit your business' needs. Any changes to your Identity Management system will be well documented.
  • After Hours Support - Because your business needs its Identity Management system to be available 24X7, we offer after hours support for any time that system maintenance will be required to ensure the proper functioning of your Identity Management systems.
  • Customer Support - Customer support is the final component of a complete support program. InfraMatix provide around the clock customer support Whenever you have a problem, day or night, you can get help calling the customer care hotline. No matter how unique your Infrastructure might be, we offer you a complete support program that is customizable to your unique IT needs.
  • Critical Systems MonitoringIn addition to standard support, we offer 24/7 critical systems monitoring to track, log, and repair your Identity Management servers and related applications.Our consultants will asses the architecture, configuration and operating environment of Identity Management Impact deployments—allowing customers to attain high-performing implementations based on best practices. Working closely with customer staff, InfraMatix consultants explore production systems to determine if the installed Identity Management products are leveraged for their best use.
  • Performance and Tuning services are focused on optimizing the performance of your Identity Management-related databases, applications and data movement strategies. Our experts will help identify bottlenecks, make recommendations on how to address the system limitations and, as required, implement the changes to improve performance.


To learn more about complete support, please contact InfraMatix at 877-339-6660.



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