Integrated Solutions If you have deployed Identity Management systems in your environment, you need to use many different Identity Management and related products from many different vendors to meet your your daily business tasks.

When all the technologies work well together, everything gets done the way it should. However, whenever any of your technology tools has a problem, it can affect your entire IT environment and that's why we offer integrated solutions. We take the time to research, coordinate, and implement your Identity Management products so that your Identity Management environment works the way it should allowing you to focus on core business tasks. We have the knowledge, training, and experience to work with your existing Identity Management technology as well as the know-how to add new and complementary technologies to your Identity Management environment.

Integrated solutions allow your business to take advantage of the many business-centric services that are available with a typical Identity Management environment. Integrated solutions generally include support in the following areas:

  • IdM Strategic Environment – a higher level collection of policies and processes, essential for the effective inter-working of the specific areas
  • User Management – the collection of technologies and processes that enable identity creation, maintenance and distribution in a consistent and auditable manner. This is subdivided into a further five components.
  • Authentication – the collection of technologies and processes used to determine a user’s identity
  • Authorization – establishing a user is authorized to perform the proposed action.
  • Audit– reviewing and ensuring all operations involving identity are properly and securely undertaken, according to company policy and external legislation.
  • Extended Enterprise – working with business partners and internal separate organizations in an ‘extended enterprise’ e.g. through Federated IdM.
  • Application Exploitation - how effectively the business applications and other services are exploiting the IdM infrastructure.


We have engineered integrated solutions that make it simple for you to focus on your business' core tasks. When choosing us to support your business, be sure that you are hiring one of the best Identity Management companies which can provide your business with the integrated solutions it needs. For more information about integrated solutions, please contact InfraMatix at 877-339-6660.



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