We know that referrals are a vital part of building business relationships; we also know that our referral partners become the trusted resource network to our client base as their business needs change and grow. If you provide complementary technology or services to businesses, why not explore this relationship opportunity and reap the benefits of your business connections.

Do you know a company that may need Identity Management Support? We pay attractive referral bonus for any recurring monthly business referral that you give us that turns into a qualified opportunity! There is no limit to how many leads you give us. Give us three leads and get that many times referral bonus. And anyone can give us a referral just send us an email about a company you know that needs Identity Management support. If it turns into an appointment we'll pay you If the referral turns into a win, then you get good percentage of the contract.

If you want to join our referral program it is easy, free and can be a great way to earn residual revenue while helping businesses gain from our extensive Identity Management service and support systems. You can be assured that our quality services and breadth of knowledge will increase the reliability, security and performance of Identity Management systems and software.

Program Benefits

Generous one-time and residual compensation for referrals who become new InfraMatix clients. Referral fees accrue quickly and scale with quantity. They are paid each quarter and can be used, as you wish, towards clients, employees or as an additional on-going income stream.

Getting Started

Request admission to the InfraMatix Referral Program by completing our online Partner interest Form

We'll review the application and contact you directly.

Easy Lead Submission

Simply enter your referral into our online Referral Lead Form or contact your local InfraMatix office. That's all you need to do. We close the sale, and when your referral becomes an InfraMatix client, your referral bonus begins to accrue.

Want more information?

For further program details, download the Referral Partner Program datasheet.

I'm interested!

Submit a lead through our partner form! Or you can submit individual leads by simply sending them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

* If the referrals turns into a qualified opportunity



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