directory-integrationThe Enterprise Directory will provide a foundation for enterprise Identity Management across the company, its business units, and its partners. Directory Services are a critical piece of the solution in that will provide for user authentication and centralized identity control across various enterprise domains. Our approach will account for current identity requirements with provisions for future growth and enhancement. 

We will leverage our deep expertise in the areas of Directory Services architecture and deployment to deliver a solution that is stable, scalable and secure, while providing the utmost flexibility for application integration and enhancement. We have developed a structured philosophy for Directory Services design and implementation. This enables us to rapidly assess a client’s directory needs and turn them in to a tangible architecture, design and infrastructure. We will build on the momentum of the product selection’s success and develop an Enterprise Directory design that exceeds the intended requirements while providing a sound infrastructure for Identity Management initiatives to come. An Enterprise Directory’s design should provide for the flexibility to bend, but the stability to never break. In integrating the new directory infrastructure with the pre-existing identity/data repositories, we will use a holistic approach to identify and, if necessary, integrate multiple repositories into the Enterprise Directory. We will, if necessary, use a set of conduits to synchronize data across platforms and infrastructures. We will then be able to deliver an authoritative source data model for use in assuring that data is moved where it should – when it should - by sources that should move it. Some of the specific benefits for the Enterprise Directory system include the establishment and delivery of: 

  • A centralized user store reflective of multiple authoritative data stores
  • Flexible “general use” architecture that can be leveraged by vendor-agnostic applications
  • Replication and Physical topology that provides for ISP-level availability and performance
  • Secure directory design – to meet the needs of a progressive security program
  • An infrastructure that is readily supportable through existing WB operational mechanisms



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