federated-identity-managementEnterprises today are being asked to extend access to applications and information resources to greater numbers of individuals — including partners, suppliers and customers — even as they face the critical need to improve security, streamline operations and reduce costs. Many are finding the management of large numbers of external identities difficult and expensive. Furthermore, regulatory requirements have intensified the need to control access to systems and data. Federated Identity Management (FIM) has emerged as a compelling security strategy in today’s distributed business environment. 

Our federated identity management solution offers the means to effectively and efficiently establish federated, trusted relationships across all software vendor solutions for all trusted partners. The ability to assess environments and business relationships and optimize solutions for any trusted federation in a repeatable, disciplined framework is value that only InfraMatix can bring. After implementing our solution, businesses can expect to realize these benefits:

  • Improves User Experience
  • Improves client user experience by providing seamless access to all applications that are in scope for Federated Identity Management solution.
  • Reduces the number of forgotten password incidents
  • Eliminates the need to request set up or deletion of login and password
  • Provides Future Exploitability
  • Provides an environment upon which future trusted relationships can be built.
  • Increases Business Efficiencies Enhanced communications and information exchange
  • Effective collaboration
  • Increases Security


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