automated-user-provisioningTo enable collaborative business processes, organizations are rapidly extending applications to employees, customers, partners and suppliers. With mission critical applications and highly sensitive data available to a growing number of people, the need for automated processes and tools to effectively control user access to business resources becomes a critical requirement. InfraMatix provides a comprehensive solution that delivers centralized security authentication, authorization, and administration solution. When a business change such as an employee hire or transfer occurs, or a business partner’s relationship is terminated, the appropriate user’s business profile is updated. The Identity Management system assesses the impact of the business change to the IT infrastructure and creates and executes an automated dynamic workflow to implement those changes.

Solution Benefits:

  • Accounts are created automatically, consistently, and appropriately based on business requirements
  • Accounts are terminated or suspended automatically based on relevant business changes
  • Account provisioning and approvals are recorded in the Identity Management system for audit purposes
  • Customers have immediate access to secure information across the extranet
  • Employees have immediate access to systems because their authentication devices are
  • automatically configured
  • Projects are expedited because people have immediate access to critical applications for
  • the duration of the project
  • Temporary employees, contractors, and customers have access discontinued to resources immediately after the relationship is terminated




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