The current cultural shift in technology, “Be more secure while spending less,” has proved to be very challenging for most organizations. A Delegated Administration security model can enable the cost/security benefits of centralized security policy and management, while still providing decentralized levels of user service and individual resource management. Businesses can leverage delegated administration technology to enable selected business unit and company representatives to manage identity related resources that they know well. InfraMatix Delegation administration solution can help businesses to achieve following goals:


  • Delegate management of information in the identity repository
  • Manage/delegate information in full or by attribute/field level
  • Provide for user self-service for password administration, as appropriate
  • Reduce help desk call volume/work load by enabling password resets
  • Integrate with (and support)overall security infrastructure and program


The deployment of a Delegated Administration and User Self-Service tools will provide companies with an effective means of realizing the above stated business and technical objectives. InfraMatix can help you in defining Delegated Administration and User Self-Service requirements,selection of a Delegated Administration/User Self-Service tool and deployment of Delegated Administration/User Self-Service tool in development and production environments.



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