multi-factor-authenticationSingle sign-on (SSO) offers a promising approach to streamlining the number of logins that are required to gain access to enterprise resources. At the same time, however, it has been seen by many as creating a new security problem. After all, if there is just one login, and it is compromised, all the applications in the enterprise will be affected, not just one. But that viewpoint is changing now, as multi-factor authentication becomes more prevalent, making access more secure. With authentication that works on two levels or more, a password alone isn’t enough to gain access to secure resources. So SSO can be used with the confidence that security is being protected on other levels. Strong authentication also makes it possible to provide security for back-end applications without the time and expense associated with changing the applications themselves.

InfraMatix can help multi-factor authentication solutions to provide back-end applications with strong authentication (based on cards, tokens, or biometrics — or any combination of these), instead of requiring modifications to the applications themselves.

A comprehensive solution combining provisioning, SSO and Multi-factor authentication, businesses can expect to realize these benefits:

Reduce costs: Automates provisioning to your end applications, making it quick and simple to add, change, or delete accessprivileges; reduces calls to the helpdesk for password prompts, since users don’t have to remember multiple passwords; eliminates the expense and time of modifying back-end applications to make them secure.

Improve security: Uses multi-factor authentication to log on to IT resources, dramatically reducing the risk that resources will be compromised; enables immediate deactivation of all accounts when required (including accounts that were authenticated through SSO).

Achieve compliance: Provides integrated provisioning and identity auditing capabilities to both prevent and detect compliance violations; provides an electronic paper trail of access requests to demonstrate compliance history.

Enhance the user experience: Eliminates the need for users to ever have to remember, enter, or keep up with changes in multiple passwords; enables a simple, one-time login to multiple secure resources; allows users to set their own passwords at their convenience; gets users up and running on critical applications immediately.

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