single-sign-onAs the number of networked applications in the enterprise continues to skyrocket, identity proliferation among users remains an important concern. Especially with the growth in social media and cloud computing (externally hosted) services, people often log on to multiple Web sites in the course of their daily work. Each site requires a user name and password, creating a burdensome list of logon credentials users must track—often leading to password fatigue.

Some of the many business challenges currently businesses are facing include:

  • In case of externally hosted services, data maintenance problems may arise because user authentication information has to be maintained on multiple servers.
  • Account clean-up after worker status changes is hard to enforce, especially for delegated administrators.
  • Keeping unnecessary, sensitive information records on external servers—especially personal or credit data—is risky.
  • Off-network access to outsourced or enterprise applications requires resource-intensive virtual private network (VPN) connections.


InfraMatix can help your business in developing a single sign-on (SSO) strategy and process to help improve communication and collaboration between the organizations with in your business and your partners. Our SSO strategy provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved security of sensitive user profile information. User data is stored in one place.
  • Reduced maintenance costs and increased IT productivity. There is no need to update user ID information in multiple places.
  • Enhanced user experience. Users do not have to remember and enter multiple user IDs and passwords.
  • Added value for your network of partners.


An InfraMatix-provided SSO service simplifies access for all users, internal and external. To learn more about our SSO solution, contact us at 877-339-6660.



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