At InfraMatix we believe that the key to successful and reliable service is a reviewed and approved quality assurance procedure to ensure a timely and quality result. InfraMatix is involved in continual quality improvement processes conforming to international best practices.  

InfraMatix has developed highly standardized processes and quality control mechanism to provide a consistent level of service to our customers worldwide.

Our development methodology depends upon clearly defining the expectations, the stages, the activities and the deliverables for each stage with built-in concrete change management procedures. InfraMatix experts excel on each of these processes, who manage and assure the activities and deliverable according to the defined standards and project needs.

The key to the successful implementation of this methodology is that it has a standard yet a very flexible structure. Before dwelling in to the actual process the InfraMatix project managers tailor the standard to adjust to the new scenarios, which helps focusing on a practical and workable procedure that is updated according to the project needs.

The following stages provide an overview of the InfraMatix Methodology, which ensures a smooth TQM (Total quality management) journey of all our ventures.  

  • Analyze
  • Design
  • Develop/Build
  • Deploy
  • Train & Support
  • Maintain & Enhance

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